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Grid Computing


We are involved in several projects related to Grid Computing and Scheduling, providing our expertise in these areas to both academic and industrial partners. Following, our affiliations in major projects —both current and past— are listed:

Current Activities

Collaborative Climate Community Data and Processing Grid (C3Grid)

The C3Grid project aims to provide a comprehensive Grid-based environment for the German earth system research community to allow the effective analysis of high-volume model and observation data sets by ensuring automated and distributed processing between the participating institutes.

D-Grid Integration Project (DGI)

The DGI integrates all developments from the different community projects into one common D-Grid platform. This platform, consisting of middleware solutions, certificate and policy management and resource provision will be offered as services to the German scientific community.

CoreGRID Network of Excellence

CoreGRID is the European Research Network on Foundations, Software Infrastructures and Applications for large scale distributed, Grid and Peer-to-Peer Technologies and brings together a critical mass of researchers from different institutions spread across many European countries; 42 institutions from 19 different countries are involved.

Past Activities

High Energy Physics Community Grid (HEP-CG)

The scope of the HEP-CG project is the performance advancement of computational and data grids in the domain of particle and astro particle physics through an optimized data management on the basis of a generic, scalable storage element with grid interfaces and upon superimposed job scheduling.

Net WIde REsources (NWIRE)
NRW Metacomputing Initiative